50th Birthday Celebration – Land and Sea

So, it happens that my 50th birthday is coming up at the end of this year, December 18 to be exact.  I’ve been thinking about how best to celebrate this for a while and decided that I should spend it at a place that has meaning to me, where I’ve had some history, and that makes me happy.  So, of course I chose Disney World.

All are welcome to any part of what I’ve listed here, but none need feel obligated to participate.

Land:  The land portion of the celebration will be at Walt Disney World.  My plan is to stay there Monday through Thursday (note my birthday on Tuesday).  I’ll either be staying at Disney’s Boardwalk, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Old Key West or Bay Lake Tower.  I’ll know more toward the end of May so check back for updates if you are interested.

Sea:  The sea portion will be a post-birthday cruise on Carnival Cruise Line.  While not cheap, rates are still pretty good given this is right before Christmas.  I’ll head directly from Walt Disney World to Port Canaveral (about an hour’s drive) on Thursday. December 20th and board the Carnival Liberty.  This is a 3 night Bahamian cruise that will return to Port Canaveral on Sunday, December 23.

Plans are still tentative so check back for any updates.



Home Construction Update

For those that have been asking about this, I thought I could share with you some photos of the construction process.  I have, of course, taken many photos of the lot and initial construction process, and will take many more in the coming months.  As of now, I am very patiently awaiting for the foundation to be poured.  Very exciting.  Visit my house photos page to see the latest photos.

Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

For my birthday, I went on the Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  This was about a 3 hour trek, on foot and truck, through what most people see from their safari truck when riding the Killmanjaro Safari at the park.  While strapped in by our harness, we got pretty close up to the hippos and crocodiles and got some really close up views of the elephants, giraffes, and rhinos.  The Animal Kingdom cast members are good enough to photograph your journey.  Most of the pictures below are staff photographs of the trek or ones that Craig took with his more professional equipment.  We had great weather and I think the pictures came out fantastic.  It was a great experience I highly recommend.