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30th High School Reunion

My 30 year high school reunion was held on February 17.  It actually was more like 30 and 2/3 years since we had to postpone it due to Hurricane Harvey.  It was quite an interesting experience going back to The Woodlands and seeing how much everything has changed since I lived there in 1987.  It was great seeing so many of my classmates and learning about their journeys since graduation.  I’m so glad I went!

Other Photos

Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

For my birthday, I went on the Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  This was about a 3 hour trek, on foot and truck, through what most people see from their safari truck when riding the Killmanjaro Safari at the park.  While strapped in by our harness, we got pretty close up to the hippos and crocodiles and got some really close up views of the elephants, giraffes, and rhinos.  The Animal Kingdom cast members are good enough to photograph your journey.  Most of the pictures below are staff photographs of the trek or ones that Craig took with his more professional equipment.  We had great weather and I think the pictures came out fantastic.  It was a great experience I highly recommend.