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Howard Jones in Concert at Epcot

Like so many of my best photos, these too were shot at Epcot, during the International Food and Wine Festival.  Howard Jones ,who happens to be one of my favorite artists from the 80’s, was the guest performer on this evening.

The concert was fantastic.  Not all artists from the 80’s still sound so good some 20-30 years later, but HoJo really is the exception with the same great range, voice quality and energy I remember in high school.  There were definitely some diehard fans in the audience with us too.

I used the shotgun approach, taking over 200 pictures thinking that some of them were bound to turn out.  Given the lighting conditions and the distance I was from the stage, I was satisfied with the results.  No post processing modifications were made.  All photos were taken with Canon’s kit 250 mm lens.

Below are pictures from two sets he performed on October 23, 2011.  If anyone really likes any of these shots, email me the picture number (found in the URL after clicking on the photo) and I’ll be happy to send you a high resolution version.

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