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30th High School Reunion

My 30 year high school reunion was held on February 17.  It actually was more like 30 and 2/3 years since we had to postpone it due to Hurricane Harvey.  It was quite an interesting experience going back to The Woodlands and seeing how much everything has changed since I lived there in 1987.  It was great seeing so many of my classmates and learning about their journeys since graduation.  I’m so glad I went!

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Final Flight of the Endeavour

We got the chance to say farewell to the space shuttle Endeavour, up close and personal, at the Kennedy Space Center on Sunday, September 16, 2012.  It is pictured below, prepared for its flight to Los Angeles tomorrow, ridding piggyback on one of NASA’s 747’s.  Astronaut Kay Hire, who flew the Endeavour in 2010 and is pictured below, was on hand for the photo opportunity.  The Endeavour was built to replace the Challenger, which was lost in an accident in 1986.

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Star Wars Celebration VI

Star Wars Celebration is an international celebration of all things Star Wars (and really anything else a little fringe) and occurs every two to three years.  SWC VI marks the second time it has been held in Orlando.. Of course, we could not forgo the opportunity to attend as this was right in our back yard.  I think you will get a good sense of the event through the pictures I took below.  Danielle, Juan and I had a very memorable day.