My New Home – “Under Construction”

Since moving to Austin in October, I found a great neighborhood that is close to work (like crazy close by Austin commuter standards) still being built.  I chose a lot and floor plan back in October and am now awaiting the construction process to be complete.  Things take a while to get built in Austin so I’m learning the virtue of patience.  For those who have asked and wanted to follow along in the progress, see below.  I’ll be adding to this regularly as construction progresses.  Most recent posts are at the top.

April 11, 2015:  The outside is really taking on more of its finished form.  There are many things to do outside still but the big differences, from here on, will likely be seen from the inside.  I included some inside shots on this post, as well as the amazing field of Bluebonnets that are growing in the park right across form my house.

March 13, 2015:  Most of the siding is up.  Electrical wiring is being done too.  I think the obvious progress will slow down now.

February 21, 2015:  Framing is complete, and there’s a roof too!  That was fast.

February 6, 2015:  And now we have the first floor framed.  I drove by last night and just saw foundation, so this all happened in a day.  Cool!

January 30, 2015:  We have a foundation!  I drove by the construction site today after work and guess what I found.  My best guess is that this was poured yesterday, January 29th.  All very exciting.

 January 27, 2015:  While we are waiting or the foundation to be poured (I checked today and no dice) I thought I might show you some of the finish decisions that were made.  The first photo below shows all my choices put together — wood floor, tile choices, carpet, granite counter tops, backsplash, cabinets.  The rest show better close ups of each of those.  It will be very exciting to see how it will all come together in the house.

January 25, 2015:  All Ready for the Foundation – One of the harder parts of buying a home that hasn’t been built yet is waiting for the building to actually begin.  Below are a few shots I’ve taken that show the various prep phases for the foundation.

October 19, 2014:  The Lot and View – The lot itself was an important decision as I wanted to make sure that the views were appropriate for the amount and placement of the windows.  As you can see, the house had a lot of front facing windows (as well as on the sides of the home which can’t be seen in the pictures I posted in the first entry) so I wanted to make sure that they looked out on the best view possible.  Below are photos taken from the lot where my house will be built.

October 18, 2014:  Artist Render and Floor Plan – Below are some artist renderings of the exterior of the home and of the community plan.  If you open community map, my lot is the one on the very bottom right hand corner.  I also included some shots of the community pool.  The pool and community parking were two musts for me. This is in the Edgewick community which is part of what is called East Central Austin.

It is a pretty unique community.  While these are all stand-alone units, they function much like a condo in that the exterior is maintained by the HOA.  A PDF of the floor plan can be found here.

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